The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.26

A Treat for Halloween Night 26

Frozen with fear, Billy and Mrs. Fillmore watched the sheet-like ghost slowly rise up from under the armored door. Billy couldn’t believe what he was seeing, how an old crumpled white sheet could suddenly rise up to form a humanoid like shape. It was almost mind blowing; some incredible special effect from a movie, but the terror he was feeling definitely made it real.

Mrs. Fillmore began to cry, resigned to her oncoming doom. The curse was going to take her life.

On hearing the old lady’s futile sobs, Billy felt an onrush of courage. He moved in front of Mrs. Fillmore and cried out, “You will not take her spirit! She is a good lady!”

In response the ghost reached out at the boy as it began to moan.