The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 3

Glancing at a street sign, Billy saw he was on Bland Street so he had another three blocks to go. The chubby boy always hated going down the street because the houses fit the street’s name perfectly. Boring one-story homes full of dull people with no kids and who always handed out very plain candy. Stuff like those ten cents suckers that you get for free at the doctor’s office. He was definitely going to skip these houses, but something was very different this year. Usually the homes on this street had no decorations or just poorly carved pumpkins. For some reason, this Halloween the people had gone to town with their decorating. The front yards were full of creepy looking jack-o’-lanterns, along with stuffed scarecrows and ghosts made out of bed sheets. Billy was actually impressed by what he saw. He even wondered if he had even gone down the right street. “Something odd is happening this Halloween,” he muttered to himself. “Something is not right.”