The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.33

A Treat for Halloween Night 33

Feeling safe now, the two hugged each other. They had just survived a very intense experience and were quite relieved to still be alive.

“Well Mrs. Fillmore I think I had better get home, my mom might be worried, “ Billy blurted.

“Alright Billy, but we should check to make sure there isn’t any more ghosts outside.”

The two inched over to the bedroom window and gasped. There were dozens of sheet ghosts wandering the street outside along with other sinister looking creatures.

Glancing over to the locked vault like bedroom door, Billy said, “I think I’d be better off staying here tonight, you know to protect you. I just hope you have some more candy up here, it’s going to be a long Halloween night.”

The End!