The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 5

A Treat for Halloween Night Ep 5

A dog was barking loudly in the distance, its last bark, cut short by a loud shriek. Billy didn’t feel the least bit worried though, some dog owner probably got fed up with their animal scaring the trick-or-treaters. However glancing around this new street he didn’t see any other treaters. This was Clive Avenue, a normally much livelier street where a few kids he knew lived. But at that moment there wasn’t anything going, except the large amount of Halloween decorations on people’s lawns.
“Where is everyone? They can’t all be at the town’s spirit parade,” Billy gasped out loud. He wasn’t the brightest kid in class and had often been teased that he had nothing but body fat for a brain, so even Billy began to sense that things were not right with Halloween.
Then he whispered over and over to himself, saying, “Just one more block and I’ll be there, just one more block…”