The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 6

A Treat for Halloween Night 6

Working up some nerve, Billy started to jog down the street. The uneasiness he felt, defused any desire to stop for candy at any of the houses he passed. As Billy went by them, he noticed something strange about the decorations in their yards. There was a faint blue glow about them, and he had a feeling that they were watching him. This made Billy feel a little silly. How could the jack-o’-lanterns, sheet ghost, scarecrows, or skeletons he passed even see him since none of them had eyes! It was only a slow Halloween night and he was lonely. Billy knew he would feel much better once he took a bite of the chewy goodness of a Klein bar, maybe he could even take two of them. Thoughts of his beloved candy bar buoyed him on through the spooky street, and before he knew it, Billy could see the Fillmore’s home; it was only three houses away. The place looked like a beacon of hope to him, the hope that he would soon be enjoying the sugary heaven of a Klein bar. This hope was then eclipsed as his view was blocked by someone wearing a sheet over their head suddenly standing in his way.