The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 7

A Treat for Halloween Night 7

Billy took a surprised step backwards and almost dropped his candy pale. The ghost had lunged out from behind a group of bushes and stood before him issuing a low moan. Not advancing toward him, it just waved its sheet arms trying to scare him. Billy quickly overcame his shock when he realized it was only someone wearing a white sheet with eye holes cut out at the top. Billy felt a little angry now, and said, “What a jerk, you could have given me a heart attack.”

The ghost chuckled, its sheet body rippling as it spoke with a mirth filled voice. “Obese-boy Billy, anymore candy and you will have a heart condition. You shouldn’t be out on a night like this, all these treats; you’ll put on another hundred pounds for sure.”

“Is that you Darrell? You’re not going to make any friends if you scare them.”

Ghost Darrell tilted his head in a sad expression, “Sorry bud. No hard feelings?” The ghost then extended a sheet covered hand, but when Billy went to shake it, he grasped only an empty sheet.

Laughing again Ghost Darrell said, “Oh sorry, ghost hands.” Holding his arms in the air, he then floated away laughing.

Feeling quite sour now, Billy shouted back at his classmate, “I may be fat, but what is your excuse for having no friends!”

“Oh, booo-hooo!” was Darrell’s ghostly reply as he left Billy alone on the street.

Billy sighed loudly and turned back to face the Fillmore house, he had a Klein bar to get!