The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 8

A Treat for Halloween Night ep 8

His obese body trembling with excitement, Billy approached the Fillmore house, his mouth watering in anticipation. With only a few more steps to the front door he had already forgotten about that jerk Darrell. But as he got closer doubt began to set in. What if they don’t have the candy he wanted. What if he had gone all this way and received only another packet of M&M’s. Grimacing he pushed away all self-doubt, Mrs. Fillmore always came through for him. She always gave good candy. Even with the night being very dead and kind of creepy, Billy had to have faith in the kindly old lady. She will have his favorite treat—he was sure of it!

Reaching the doorstep Billy cleared his throat and cried out those immortal magical words, “Trick or treat!”

Almost immediately the door began to slowly open, Billy felt like he was about to explode due to his burning desire for a Klein bar, yeah, a Klein bar.