The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 9

A treat for Halloween Night 9

What greeted Billy from behind the door was not some horrible ghoul or even someone wearing a cheesy mask. It was the kind, wrinkled face of Mrs. Fillmore. She had a wide smile on her face, her eyes bright and alert. Almost immediately she recognized Billy, even with his costume on. His large stomach made it kind of obvious.

“Oh, it’s you Billy, my favorite treater. Who are you going as this year? Mrs. Fillmore asked.

Billy gave her a wide nervous grin. “I’m dressed as a superhero, Captain Super. I would look more like him if I was all muscles; instead I’m full of fat.” He added, sounding a little sad.

“Don’t feel bad dear, it’s been so slow this night, I have plenty of great candy for you to eat.”

“Do you have any Klein bars?” Billy blurted out, he couldn’t wait any longer.

“We’ll see Billy, we’ll see.” Mrs. Fillmore said cryptically.