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Undead Machinery – E.O.H.F. Member #3

E.O.H.F. 3 Undead Machinery

PGG here again to tell you about another new member to the E.O.H.F. (Esoteric Order of Halloween Fanatics) – Undead Machinery. Like the site’s title, this website is one unusual place to visit that Regreta Graves just loves. Full of gruesome monster cooking tips, creepy clothing designs, and very unusual cartoons. It is a site for all those ghoul and Goth boys and girls out there. It’s a dark but fun site that is even frequented by the good old grim reaper, where he leaves humorous videos and has an “ask the reaper” section. The website is a perfect place for the members of the E.O.H.F. to learn how to cook their own monster meals and avoid those blind dates with death. So head over to a site where you can get such neat stuff as a pencil case made out a Harry Potter book cover and an eyeball bracelet you can use to eye your friends with. You will have a good undead time there.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..