The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

The Wolf Man on Halloween Night: One Howl Away!

p5 wolfman

The Wolf Man on Halloween, what an animal….


Howling in the dark with the moon full bloom,

Is a hairy creature that will become someone’s doom.

He is a wild beast with a man like form,

A supernatural being that is beyond the norm.

Cursed and deadly, a creature once man

Has become a beast of fanged teeth and clawed hand.

When you hear the Wolf Man cry out in the night

You wouldn’t want the monster to have you in its sight.

The Wolf Man was first birthed in the medieval legends of werewolf, human witches cursed with the ability to change into animal form. Lycanthropes like vampires were nothing but products of ignorant superstitious peasants, and with the advent of knowledge and education, they soon faded into the realm of fiction. First showing up in insignificant ghost stores and such, the novel Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore would became the first successful Lycanthrope story. This was soon eclipsed by the most infamous werewolf of all with the 1941 Universal Studios movie The Wolf Man. Played by Lon Chaney Jr. his appearance became the face of the wolf for many years. Not until the early 80’s did the more realistic animal like wolf face became more synonymous with werewolves.

During Halloween, the Wolf Man costume first started as a Don Post mask in the late 40’s, kids not having much money often decided to create their own using makeup and cut hair, pasted to their face. Werewolf decorations were surprisingly rare up until the nineties, the first possibly being the one made by Eureka in the late 70’s, that of a cute wolf dressed in granny clothes. Even though the Wolf Man is wildly popular, he didn’t get much Halloween love until more recently. Always playing second fiddle to the big guns Frankenstein and Dracula, he is still a deadly scary monster that terrorizes the night. So don’t complain, go howl at the moon.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..