The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Zombies of Halloween: Trick-r-Treaters of the Living Dead

Halloween Zombies

A history of zombies in Halloween.


Shambling down your neighborhood street,

Zombies approach like an attacking fleet.

They may be stiff and move at a slow pace,

They are still something you wouldn’t want to face.

The zombies have come to eat your skin,

Shooting them in the head is the way to win.

So when you’re near a cemetery don’t dally,

For the living dead might be having a rally.


Historically the idea of zombies first came about in Africa, where tribes believed that a sorcerer or witch could bring back the dead to become their slaves. This belief was later transported to Haiti and other Caribbean islands with the slave trade and became known as Voodoo. The term zombi was first used in America in the fiction book by William Seabrook called The Magic Island (1929). After that zombies appeared in a number of books and comics in the 40’s and 50’s. Zombies being the favorite monster of the classic comic Tales from the Crypt. These zombies were a little different, often just corpses rising from the grave to get their revenge. An early zombie movie classic is White Zombie (1932) staring Bela Lugosi. These zombies were of the Voodoo kind and it wasn’t until 1968 with Night of the Living Dead, did we have the zombies we all know and love. These zombies were the inhuman flesh craving kind, and like a plague they would overwhelm the world creating a truly horrifying situation. This movie created a whole subgenre and placed the name zombie alongside other popular monsters like vampires and werewolves. The two greatest zombie stories in film/TV are the original Dawn of the Dead (1978) and The Walking Dead (2010). Ironically what makes them great are the living characters in the stories.

Zombies in Halloween are fairly new, the only vintage ones being the Bayshore and Don Post masks made in the 50’s. Since the late 90’s, zombie decorations have become big, with tons of costumes to life size manikins, they are now more common than werewolves and vampires. Plus they are another easy to make homemade costume. Put on some old torn clothes, a little gray face paint, and now you are a zombie. Even though they are dead, zombies sure come alive on Halloween.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..