The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

One Dark Halloween Night Paperback Trailer!

One Dark Halloween Night Now Available in Paperback!

Hello my fellow Halloween friends, after two long years, my book is finally here. Please check it out over at Amazon: One Dark Halloween Night


Halloween Half-Pagers: 3) House of Scary Sweets


The next house on Brady, Archie, and Dan’s trick or treating tour of Blackbird Street was a small dumpy home that was painted dark brown. Its sole Halloween decoration was a jack-o-lantern with a large mouth. After ringing the doorbell, an old lady wearing an apron greeted them. Cackling, she reached into a large bowl she was holding and took out some candy. All three boys gasped at the sight of what she held, hard candy shaped like little monsters. Brightly colored vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein monsters, and mummies, each the size of the old lady’s hand. But what caused the boys’ shocked reaction was that they were all moving! Arms and legs flailing about, the candy squirmed in the lady’s hand.

“Are they alive?” Brady almost whispered.

The old lady laughed in response as she nodded her head yes and tossed a few into Brady’s bag.

Feeling the little monsters tugging at his bag, Brady dropped it in surprise. A crunching sound of the monster candy breaking was heard as the bag hit the ground, and it was the old lady’s turn to gasp. Suddenly growling came from the lady’s candy bowl and out peeked dozens of candy monsters. The candy monsters were angry.

“Those things look like they are going to eat us!” Dan cried out.

Brady grabbed his bag and the three ran off toward the next house.

Stopping to catch their breath in front of the next home, Brady glanced in his bag. “Those monsters the lady gave me are in pieces but they’re still moving.” Brady pulled one out and quickly swallowed it. “Hey this tastes pretty good, and I can feel it moving around in my stomach. Want one Archie?”

“No Way!” Archie replied.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Halloween at Market Stores

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Halloween in September seems to be everywhere, here’s the list- 99 Cents Store, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, K-mart, Walmart, Target.

Halloween Half-Pagers: 2) House of Knives


Brady, Archie, and Dan approached the first house on the left side of Blackbird Street, with their bags waiting to be filled with Halloween candy. The house was small and unassuming, with its plain white painted wood paneling. There was nothing creepy about the place. They rang the doorbell not knowing what to expect. The person who answered the door was almost a surprise to them, not some scary boogieman, but a small meek looking man with large round glasses. What shocked the kids was the treat he was handing out to them, knives. Brady pulled out the sharp looking dagger the man had dropped in his bag and looked at the guy confused.

“What? You don’t like that one? I have many more, come on in.” The knife man said as he smiled at them.

Brady bravely stepped into the house and gasped at what he saw, Knives adorned all the walls of the hallway. Noticing the boy’s shocked look, the knife man smiled broadly, “Quite a collection huh, in this neighborhood you need the protection. That’s why I am handing them out. Would you like me to demonstrate how to use it, on one of your friends maybe?”

The creepy man then grabbed Dan, who had followed Brady in. The knife man pulled a sword off the wall and was about to use it when Dan dropped his candy bag on the man’s foot. The knife man howled in pain as the knife that he had handed out to Dan had buried itself into his foot from inside the bag. Brady pulled his friend away and the two ran out of the house.

Outside, Dan said, “Darn I lost my bag.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll share.” Brady laughed in reply.

Archie then interrupted them, “Hey guys, that cheapskate only gave me a plastic knife.” Brady and Dan just ignored their friend and moved onto the next house.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Son of Monsterpalooza 2016

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More monster fun at the palooza.


Halloween Half-Pagers: 1) The Houses on Blackbird Street


Brady, Archie, and Dan stood on the corner of Fortune Avenue and Blackbird Street. Brady shivered in anticipation of the plan that his buddies agreed on. It was Halloween night and they were about to trick or treat on the dreaded Blackbird Street. Growing up, they had all heard stories about the street. How almost nobody ever went there on Halloween, and that the few fools that did were never heard from afterwards. Brady, the bravest of the bunch, had made it his mission in life to find out if there was any truth to the rumors and he vowed to make it through the entire street.

The day before he had done a little research, there were only eight houses in the very small cul-de-sac, and all the houses were old, built in the early twentieth century. He could not find any record of ownership on any of them, but standing there, he could easily see that they were all occupied. The homes had lights on and even had decorations. Licking his lips, he thought of all the candy waiting at those houses and nodded to his friends. It was time for some trick or treating. As they entered Blackbird Street a shiver ran down their backs, this Halloween was going to be a scary one.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: The Haunted Houses of LA County Fair

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Here are the haunted house rides at the LA County fair from 2010 thru 2016. Sadly only two remain.

Halloween Half-Pagers: 0) 56 Days till Hallowone

Halloween Half-Pagers 0) 56 Days till Hallowone

Halloween was two months away and Hallowone had plans to make. After suffering setbacks from the boy, Jason, and Professor Gravesmore, the evil pumpkin felt he needed a win on his side. Having discovered ways to access other worlds seemed like a blessing, but instead it had only lead to defeat. He still had power, but the other monsters still seemed to treat him as an equal. In order to maintain that status he had to produce power, the power through fear. Corralling victims or destroying worlds was not working for him and power consumption was increasing.

With a devious brain comes devious thoughts, so his plan began to form, he would start small. Work a chain reaction of terrifying events that will eventually steamroll into something that would shock the world. Something so small at first that no hero would have a clue until it is too late. Hallowone chuckled at that, the chuckle then bloomed into evil laughter. This next Halloween would be a good one.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Halloween at Craft & Home Decor Stores


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Here’s some Halloween goodies from Michaels, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, TJ Max,  Orchard, & Kirkland’s.

Entering Halloween Times

Entering Halloween Times

We are in the final stretch for Halloween once again and I have some goodies planned for the sight. Lots of Halloween galleries and an extra special Halloween Half-pagers anthology that ties into the book One Dark Halloween Night. After watching that fun movie Tales of Halloween, John thought he would make his own anthology and the stories would all tie in together. So prepare for The Houses on Blackbird Street

……….Professor Grimmgraves…

One Dark Halloween Night at


How cool is that…  Hopefully at the Walmart stores too.

If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, you are missing out on a great Halloween treat…

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