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One Dark Halloween Night Now Available in Paperback!

Hello my fellow Halloween friends, after two long years, my book is finally here. Please check it out over at Amazon: One Dark Halloween Night


Grimmgraves’s Gallery: LA Zoo Lights

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Halloween Half-Pagers: A Vampire’s Dream Vacation


What started with a dream ended with a scream. I had always wanted to visit Transylvania, with its crumbling castles and old towns. I would often imagine myself wandering through the ruins at night surrounded by wolves and bats, and then walking through one of the medieval towns and feel the peoples’ fear and superstition. This was the country I always thought of as the old lands, where vampires began. I was a Los Angeles vamp, with the easy pickings of a large city and would imagine what it was like to rough it in the old country where people knew what you were and how to stop you.

The problem was I had to travel on a sixteen hour flight meaning I would be flying in daylight. I didn’t have the money to charter a plane not being one of those right aristocrat vampires, so my options were limited. Eventually I worked up the courage to have my coffin shipped with me in it. Being broke I had to travel ground rate, leading to a very rough trip. Not wanting to suffer through it, I went into a very deep sleep, when suddenly I awoke with a floating sensation. Water was filling up in my coffin and I could feel the sun pounding on the lid. The ship transporting me must have sunk! Oh how I screamed in frustration at cheaping out on my trip before I met my end, I shouldn’t have been such a daydreamer.

….John Kohlbrenner……


Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters

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Halloween Half-Pagers: That Darn Book


I told the police officer I’d never seen the book before and had no I idea why there was blood on it. The book itself was a large ugly looking tome, with its dirt brown cover inlaid with metallic lettering for its title Libellus Autem Lycanthrope. The book was a thousand pages written in some strange language I had no clue how to read. The book first appeared in my apartment one day sitting on a shelf. This freaked me out because I lived alone. After a quick glance at it, I ignored the book until a day later when I found a dead body in my place. Next to the corpse was the blood covered book. The police took the body and the book, and after a week, I was back in my apartment. The next day the book was also back in the house again. Really, really freaked out now, I picked up the book and slammed it down on the ground when I felt some pain holding it. Then I saw that my hand was bleeding. Shocked, I looked down at the tome and saw that there was sharp teeth sticking out of the pages and the cover was now covered with fur. This was all too much for me, not only did I flee my apartment, I left the state.

Now a month later, I was in for another terrible surprise. There was a full moon and I felt myself changing, writing suddenly appeared on my arms and I felt very bookish. I knew then that I had survived an attack from a were-book and I was soon to become one myself with the full moon.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: DC Universe Action Figure Villains 1


C-3PO: “R2 I think we are in the wrong cantina…

Halloween Night 2016

Here is a video by my daughter of what we did on Halloween Night…

……….Professor Grimmgraves..

Halloween Half-Pagers: Must Halloween End?


It was the morning after Halloween night, Jacob looked at the litter of candy wrappers on the sidewalk in front of his house and felt sadness that the night was over. Reluctantly, he looked at his yard and all the decorations he would have to take down. The sheet ghosts he had hanging from a tree, the styrofoam tombstones, the plastic skeletons climbing out of the ground, the colored lights to light the scene, and all the rubber bats. It wasn’t the work of cleaning up that he dreaded, it was the emptiness of his yard. The thrill Jacob felt having his own brightly colored haunted house, to scare kids, and reward them for their bravery by giving out candy. It made his dull life exciting and now he would have to wait another year for that thrill. Then suddenly he made a decision, he would leave the decorations up!

Every night he turned on the lights that lit his haunted display, and played the spooky sound effects. If anyone came to his door he would first try to scare them dressed as a ghoul and then give them candy. After a week of this, his neighbors looked at him worried. Jacob’s kids thought it was cool at first, but after two months they were crying as they left with their mom, who had said he had lost it. After half a year his Halloween display was in shambles, ruined by the weather and still he acted like it was Halloween. Then by the time it was Hollow’s Eve again his home was such a mess it truly looked like a haunted house, and he had wasted away so much that didn’t need makeup to appear as a ghoul. Sadly, lost in his insanity he never realized that no one even came to his shunned house on Halloween night.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con 2016

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Happy Halloween!!!


Halloween Half-Pagers: 8) House of the Jack-o-lantern


Brady, Archie, and Dan stood before the last house on the street. Brady tried to motivate his friends, promising that after the frustrating, freaky night they had experienced, this last home was sure to have the mother lode of candy. This last house they stood before was unremarkable except for the giant carved jack-o-lantern that sat out in front. It was easily the size of a small car, with an evil leering face and sickly blue flame burning from inside.

As the boys approached the front door to the house, the pumpkin spoke with a deep voice, “You three are very brave to be on this street. Fearlessly in search of candy I presume.

“Candy?” Archie said looking excited.

Oh lots of candy, see…

Suddenly there was a rumbling noise coming from the house and the front door burst open. Piles and piles of candy poured out, just about every sweet imaginable.

The boys shouted out with joy and began scooping up the candy.

Now my friends I see that you are enjoying your rewards for your bravery. How would you like to have Halloween never end?” The pumpkin named Hallowone asked.

“Yeah!” All three boys shouted out together, already starting to eat the candy.

Well now, there is a place, a Halloween planet, where every day is Halloween, and I need brave souls to enjoy it. Come now and step inside.” The jack-o-lantern opened his mouth wide and inside a gateway opened to his world. The boys didn’t even hesitate. Scooping up as much candy as they could carry they entered the jack-o-lantern’s mouth and passed through the gateway.

Once the kids were gone, Hallowone mused to himself. Soon he would have streets like this all over the world so he could find other brave souls to come back to his world to become warriors. In a world of fear, bravery was the greatest weapon. He had learned that from a boy named Jason and he would not be defenseless. Then he would have many Happy Halloweens…

The End

….John Kohlbrenner……