The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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Halloween Half-Pagers: 7) House of the Flesh Eater


Looking along Blackbird Street, Brady, Archie, and Dan saw that they were down to only a few more houses. Brady’s frustration at their lack of finding any Halloween treasures on the neglected street had made him blind to the horrors they had just encountered. He was determined to hit every house.

Stepping up to a rundown two story Victorian, the boys noticed that the front door was open with a man standing in the doorway. He looked more like a corpse.

“Cool makeup, mister.” Brady said, holding up his bag for candy.

In reply, the corpse moaned and grabbed the boy’s bag. The zombie pulled Brady toward him and tried to bite the boy. Shocked at seeing their friend in danger, Archie and Dan rushed forward and slammed into the corpse. Stumbling backwards, the zombie cried out in pain.

“Kids, can’t you take a joke. You know, trick or treat.”

The three boys looked confused as they watched the zombie get up and brush himself off. Then he reached over to a large bowl and brought it over to the kids. “Here you go, have some Halloween treats.”

Approaching the bowl the kids cried out in shock at what they saw, human fingers, eyeballs, and other body parts.

“No thanks!” the three boys shouted as they ran off.

“Hey guys, the candy is still fresh!” The zombie said, as he started nibbling on a finger. This was not the Halloween treasure the boys were looking for.

….John Kohlbrenner……


100th Halloween Half-Pager…  Yeah!!!!

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: The Dungeon of Doom at the Hollywood Museum

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Horrifying Hollywood at its Halloween Best…

Halloween Half-Pagers: 6) House of the Bloodless


The next house that Brady, Archie, and Dan approached in their Halloween quest for candy looked almost like a very small castle. It had a round stone tower in the front with battlements up top. Rubber bats hung from the top bouncing up in down, mist rose up from the ground, and the sound of a wolf howl filled the air.

“This ought to be good, they actually made an effort to decorate the place.” Brady commented.

As they reached the front door at the base of the tower, it open and out stepped a pale man dressed in a suite and cap with red lining.

“Ah, my treats have arrived.” The man said with a thick foreign accent.

The three boys just looked at him confused.

“Is this not Halloween, when children come to my door, to offer up their blood to me?”

Trying to sound tough, Dan answered, “Buddy I think you have it backwards, you’re supposed to give us candy so that we won’t trash your place. You know, trick or treat.”

“Kids, they are so hard to deal with these days. How about if I give each of you some candy, may I then have a bite of each of you in return?” The pale man said smiling, revealing long fangs.

Brady shook his head no as he backed away, with his friends. Before he turned to run, he blurted out, “sorry, my mom said to never feed strangers!”

Cursing in an ancient language, the pale man turned into a puff of smoke. The rubber bats weren’t really rubber and chased the kids until they got out onto the street.

After watching the bats return to the castle, Archie confronted Brady, “Why’d we run away? I would gladly have given some blood for candy. I donate my blood all the time, just to get the free cookie and OJ.”

“In a blood bank you don’t leave the place as one of the undead!” Brady fired back.

“Oh.” Archie whispered, looking quite pale.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Sugar Plum Halloween Festival

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Some creepy cool crafts, perfect for any haunted mansion.

Halloween Half-Pagers: 5) House of the Cauldron


Brady, Archie, and Dan stood before the next house on Blackbird Street debating whether to treat there. The place was a dump, a little bit bigger than a shack, made up with wooden boards and a small metal chimney. The only decorations were stick figures strung up along the place. Wanting to hit all the house on the street, Brady strolled forward without even waiting for his friends. As he reached the front door, small old ugly lady dressed in a ragged skirt stood in the doorway. Cackling, she waved at him to come in. Determined to get some candy, Brady entered the house. Inside, he saw that the place comprised of only one large room and sitting prominently in the middle of it was a huge boiling cauldron. Pointing to it, the old lady then handed Brady a large wooden spoon. Approaching the cauldron, he could see what looked like bubbling chocolate pudding inside. Reaching in with the spoon, Brady scooped some of the chocolate goo up and tasted it.

It was the best pudding he had ever had!

The old lady went into another cackling fit, and then said, “now that you have tasted my pudding, the pudding wants to taste you!”

Suddenly a giant mouth formed on the top of the pudding and rose up toward Brady, chocolate fangs bared at him. In response the boy swung his spoon at the mouth, splashing pudding left and right.

“You are wasting my pudding you nasty boy!” The witch cried out.

In response, Brady threw the spoon at the old lady and ran out the door. He stopped running when he reached his two friends that waited out in front of the house.

“What happened in there?” Dan asked.

“I had the best pudding of my life,” Brady replied.

“Awe man I want some pudding,” Archie complained.

“It was almost the last pudding in my life, the treat had teeth.”

Dan and Archie where ready to move onto the next house.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Halloween Costume Stores

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Time to get a costume! Spirit Halloween, Phantom Halloween, Halloween Planet, Party City, and Aahs.

Countdown To Halloween 2016!!!

Halloween Half-Pagers: 4) House of Haunted Treats


The third house on Blackbird Street that Brady, Archie, and Dan arrived at actually looked spooky. Old and abandoned the three story house appeared to have no one at home. Undaunted, Brady went up to the door and cried out, “trick r treat!”

To the boys’ surprise the front door opened, but the darkened entry way stood empty. The three boys turned to each other and shrugged when suddenly a large metal bowl rose up in front of them.

Eyes wide, Brady looked around the bowl and saw that nothing was holding it up, not even strings. When he looked inside the bowl, he groaned, “There’s nothing in there but cobwebs and old rotten apples.”

“I don’t get out much, being dead and all,” a haunting voice replied.

Somehow the boys’ eyes widened even more. Now they noticed a shape standing in the doorway and they could see right through it.

Dan gasped out, “Ah, next time my mom goes grocery shopping, I’ll tell her to stop by.”

“Thanks!” said the ghost as he watched the backs of the fleeing boys.


As the three stood out in the middle of the street catching their breaths, Archie complained. “Brady you said this street would be full of candy, I have nothing to show for it so far except for a stupid plastic knife.”

Brady, giving his friend a big creepy smile said, “Don’t worry, we still have a few houses left. I will not leave here until we get some candy!”

Scared, Archie and Dan looked at their friend, worried that they might end up as ghosts before the night was done.

….John Kohlbrenner……

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

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Exorcist, Krampus, American Horror Story, Freddy vs. Jason, The Purge.

The mazes were all terrifyingly fun, the only thing scarier were the lines.

Halloween Half-Pagers: 3) House of Scary Sweets


The next house on Brady, Archie, and Dan’s trick or treating tour of Blackbird Street was a small dumpy home that was painted dark brown. Its sole Halloween decoration was a jack-o-lantern with a large mouth. After ringing the doorbell, an old lady wearing an apron greeted them. Cackling, she reached into a large bowl she was holding and took out some candy. All three boys gasped at the sight of what she held, hard candy shaped like little monsters. Brightly colored vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein monsters, and mummies, each the size of the old lady’s hand. But what caused the boys’ shocked reaction was that they were all moving! Arms and legs flailing about, the candy squirmed in the lady’s hand.

“Are they alive?” Brady almost whispered.

The old lady laughed in response as she nodded her head yes and tossed a few into Brady’s bag.

Feeling the little monsters tugging at his bag, Brady dropped it in surprise. A crunching sound of the monster candy breaking was heard as the bag hit the ground, and it was the old lady’s turn to gasp. Suddenly growling came from the lady’s candy bowl and out peeked dozens of candy monsters. The candy monsters were angry.

“Those things look like they are going to eat us!” Dan cried out.

Brady grabbed his bag and the three ran off toward the next house.

Stopping to catch their breath in front of the next home, Brady glanced in his bag. “Those monsters the lady gave me are in pieces but they’re still moving.” Brady pulled one out and quickly swallowed it. “Hey this tastes pretty good, and I can feel it moving around in my stomach. Want one Archie?”

“No Way!” Archie replied.

….John Kohlbrenner……